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Field TripsGet real world experience
with your local pollinators

wanna-bee an expert on all things honeybee?

Educating our community and beyond is something everyone at Honeybee Centre is passionate about. Since our first hive got busy (a long, long time ago), we’ve been offering interactive presentations and tours to share the magical world of bees with everyone we can.

Our completely renovated Honeybee Classroom has transformed our educational programs, providing a fresh, new environment to really experience bees in a brand new way. Our program covers topics like bees, life-cycle, beekeeping, pollination, environmental stewardship and more! Each lesson is paired with interactive activities (bees don’t sit still and neither do students!) and includes bee friendly wild flower seed planting for student to take home. You can add on take-home Beeswax Candle rolling or Honey Tasting (three varieties) for a small fee!

Curriculum connections and pre package are available for educators to reinforce lessons learned at Honeybee Centre.

*We Offer In-Person And Virtual Field Trips as well as private bookings.

We are now SOLD OUT for the 2023/2024 School Season.

We are accepting booking for July 9 through to August 16 Tuesday to Thursday at 10:30am.


Teachers & Leaders SIGN-UP for our new Field Trip Newsletter. The Newsletter will go out seasonally as a reminder to book your spot and share some pollinator education and ideas.


  1. To share with EVERYONE the amazing world of honeybees through education and hands-on activities and explorations.
  2. To explain the important relationship between humans and honeybees.
  3. To educate students about the integral role honeybees have in our food web.
  4. To involve students and help them explore the importance of pollinators as a keystone species in the earth’s ecosystem.

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Reserve your spots for the SATURDAY DROP-IN


JULY & AUGUST 2024 Basic Bees 75 minute field trip (customized for all ages)

Summer Base Price (up to 20 students)

$165 + tax

Additional students

$8.25 each +tax

Teachers, support staff


Parents & Caregivers

$2 +tax

September to March 2025 Basic Bees 75 minute field trip (customized for all ages)

Fall/Winter Base Price (up to 20 students)

$170 + tax

Additional students

$8.50 each + tax

Teachers, support staff


Parents & Caregivers

$2.50 +tax

April to June 2025 Basic Bees 75 minute field trip (customized for all ages)

Spring Base Price (up to 20 students)

$200 + tax

Additional students

$9.25 each + tax

Teachers, support staff


1 free Chaperone per 10 students

additional adults $2.50 + tax

Spring program includes honey tasting.

Add-On Items

Simple Candle

$3.50 / person

Honey Tasting (in-person)

$0.75 / person

For field trips starting after 4:45pm


Spring Hive Opening


*Limited dates are available for Hive Openings, please enquire.

No programing on Saturday & Sunday, check out our Saturday Drop-in and DIY Sunday

Saturday Open Classroom

We have a handful of dates planned for some buzzing fun!

$2 per person donation suggested

The classroom is open to explore! Bee and insect themed puzzle, games, crafts. Try on a beekeeping suit, plant some bee friendly seed, and so much more. Suitable for all ages including adults & toddlers!


Saturday, May 25 from 1-4pm

Saturday, June 15 from 1-4pm

Saturday, June 22 from 1-4pm

Check our Eventbrite Page for upcoming dates.

*Prices do not include GST

EXPLORATIONBee-Centric Lessons

Bees, bees, bees, and more bees—also, pollination, extraction/beekeeping, and civic duty!

We like to keep you on your feet which is why all of our lessons feature interactive stations—is there a better way to learn than hands-on experience? We don’t think so! Everyone will have the opportunity to learn, explore, and experience all of our lessons using all of their senses.

aCTIVITIESA Sensory Experience

How will we engage all five senses? Everyone (who wants to!) will TASTE honey, TOUCH displays and learn about bees in a tactile manner, SEE real beekeeping props and displays, LISTEN to lessons from our guide and the reactions and observations from their peers, and SMELL bee products like bee pollen, beeswax, and propolis.

ADD-ONSGet Crafty!

These candles are sweet enough to eat (though we don’t recommend it! Sample our honey instead!). We’ve made candle making a fun and educational activity where students learn about how bees make wax, as well as how to roll candles. Each student will get hands-on and roll their own candle.

Candle is one colour and is approximately 3 inches tall and one inch wide.

Recommended Ages: 7+
Cost: $3.25 per candle

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