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Visit An experience you Won’t forget

Welcome to the world of BC honey—you have to see it to beelieve it!

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Field Trips

Everything you could ever hope to know about bees can be found within the walls of our honeybee classroom. Bees are incredible creatures, and we’re here to share all the buzz in a fun, exciting, and interactive environment. Students will experience the world of bees through all five of the senses (yes, you get to taste the honey!), learn about Earth’s ecosystem, and so much more!

Interactive and sensory activities
Take-home bee-friendly wildflower seedling craft
Lesson plans that align with curriculum

Home Learners

Does your child want to become a member of our Home Learners Honeybee Club? Each workshop is designed to introduce bees to children and help them discover how amazing the work these insects do is, in a fun, interactive way!

Check out a full listing of upcoming Events & Workshops on our Eventbrite Page.

Group explorations
Hands-on activities and home projects
Fun programming

Bus Tours

Bee our guest! As the premier honeybee experience in BC, our facility is a must-see for group shopping tours. With unique BC honey products produced at our farm and goods from local artisans, our shop is a celebrated stop on any bus tour.
BC Honey products and giftware
ADD ON AN ADULT PRESENTAITION If you want to learn all about bees

Private Tours

We’ve all heard the saying, “the secret life of bees” but here’s the thing: we don’t want it to be a secret! With our un-bee-table private tour experience, you and your party will learn about the world of honeybees in a way few get to experience.

Guided tour of our beehives
Protective gear
Designed for nature and bee enthusiasts

Virtual Classes

Education is at the heart of what we do and we want to share it with you—no matter where you are! Our virtual classes are fresh, fun, and informative, designed to educate you about bees, beekeeping, pollination, and environmental stewardship

Available year round
Multiple courses and add-on options
Presentations of varying lengths to suit your needs

any special requests, let’s chat about what we can do