Social Initiatives

Local Community Involvement

It is important to everyone connected to Honeybee Centre that we give back to the community. We do this in several ways. Through regular donations to Cloverdale and Surrey charities, we support local school projects and youth athletic programs.  We also support local community outreach events, where we provide exhibits and presentations to educate the public about honeybees and their importance to agriculture and the environment.

Honeybee Centre is injecting green spaces and pollinators into our community and providing education about honeybees, native pollinators, and about ways you can support bees from your own backyard. Our goal is to build 5 community bee gardens with two hives each , every year until we have 100 colonies in the community.

Learn more about the program HERE

Our president, John Gibeau, is an active member of the Rotary Club of Cloverdale and a Paul Harris fellow. The Rotary club is involved in local projects such as Rec for Kids, literacy, youth support, and funding several high school bursaries.


John teaching in Kofele, EthiopiaInternational Initiatives

The local Rotary Club is also involved in international projects that include supplying grain grinding mills to make Akamil, a high protein powder used in baking.

In 2009, John Gibeau co-founded the Bee World Project, a not-for-profit organization whose mandate it is to assist people in developing countries like Ethiopia, the Dominican Republic, and Haiti, to improve their quality of life through beekeeping. The organization supplies experienced teachers, equipment, honeybee livestock, and on-going expertise to build an economy in villages that have little or no means of generating income.  The goal is to build up a sustainable beekeeping and honey processing business in these villages, which will allow them to sell honey and greatly improve the quality of life for the villagers.  

Learn more about Bee World Project.


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