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Courses & Workshops A learning experienceFor Everyone

There is something magical about working side-by-side with bees and getting your hands a little dirty making something. At Honeybee Centre, we have an experience for everyone, designed to leave you with a bit of whimsy.

We’re always looking for new ways to educate people about bees. We’ve found the best way is to make it fun! Our courses and workshops are the perfect blend of fun and informative, covering everything from beekeeping courses to mead making and hands-on beeswax crafting. Our workshops run year-round, and if you have a custom idea, let us know and we’ll see if we can accommodate you!

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Beecome a Beekeeper

Honeybee centre offers the complete seeking course! Learn from experts how to keep bees yourself. Designed for anyone interested in beekeeping—whether it’s two hives in your backyard or 50+ in a semi-commercial beekeeping operation—this is the course for you! Over three classroom-based days, you’ll learn about biology and the management tasks you can expect to encounter in a basic beekeeping operation, and much more.

For the next course dates or to register, click HERE or call 604-575-2337.

Cost: $249.99 + tax & fees
Class length: 14 hours

Eventbrite Fees are non-refundable.

Program Refund available with 7 days cancellation notice.

Beekeeping Seminars

Cost: $22 + tax
Class length: 2 Hours

These courses are FREE to graduates of our basic beekeeping courses!

Past participants email to sign up.

Revive the hive (February) – Learn how to assess an overwintered colony. This seminar includes cleaning, feeding, medicating, and more. 

Bee Disease Free (June 2024) – Find out how to assess your hive for disease and pests. This seminar covers hive maintenance, extraction, and honey storage. 

No Freeze Bees (August 2024) – Learn or brush up on how to prepare your colony for winter.

Beeswax Candle Making

Breathe in clean air with your very own beeswax candles! Burning beeswax actually cleans the air, producing negative ions when burned that help to remove dust and allergens. Learn the secret to pouring and hand-dipping beautiful, pure beeswax candles from our experts, then take home what you make!

Cost: $39.99 +tax
Class length: 2 hours


$200+tax (up to 6 guests – $25 each additional guest)

Honeybee Centre After Dark

Bee-fore night falls, we’re a family-friendly educational centre. After? We transform, emerging as a host of events like beer and wine tasting, paint nights, dinners, and more! All Honeybee Centre After Dark events are at least 16+, perfect for date night, a night out with friends, or to try something new.

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Mead Making

Want to be a little different? Everyone is brewing their own beer, why don’t you make mead! Mead is honey wine and has a long, long history. Our workshop will teach you how to brew mead yourself (and what you’ll need for your home brewing operation!), as well as how to sanitize, bottle, choose ingredients and tweak recipes to craft your own unique honey drink.

No courses currently Scheduled
Class length: 3 hours

Beeswax Lip Balm Making

Bee-autiful lips start with the right ingredients! Learn how to mix up a batch of your own lip balm using our 100% natural, local, and fresh ingredients (only the best for your skin). By making your own cosmetics, you’ll know without a doubt exactly what’s in them. You’ll make six tubes of beeswax lip balm to take home—to enjoy yourself or share!

This course is offered in late fall

Cost: $29.99 + tax
Class length: 2 hours


$200+tax (up to 6 guests – $25 each additional guest)

Salve Making

Want to control what’s in your skincare products? At Honeybee Centre, our experts teach you all about beeswax and why its the perfect ingredient for homemade salves. You can control the ingredients, quality, and price. Bring a friend and join us for a Make and Take class and then start using our recipes at home. Soon you’ll be naturally glowing—even during those cold winter months!

This Course is offered in Winter

Cost: $29.99 + tax
Class length: 2 hours


$200+tax (up to 6 guests – $25 each additional guest)

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