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Bee Wrangling & RentalsActors with asting(ing good performance).

Our bee wranglers can transform honeybees into budding actors! With years of bee wrangling experience, our team is up for any challenge. 

Looking for actors with a sting?

No, it’s not CGI—it’s the work of our bees and bee wranglers! Using custom bee handling equipment, our un-bee-lievably experienced wranglers can produce shots you’ll have to see to believe. Our methods ensure you and the bees are protected and safe at all times.

Interested in becoming a bee person? We rent out beekeeping equipment and teach you how to use it.

Surreal Services

Bees, wasps, hornets, you name it! Our wranglers can work their magic and transform themselves into the Pied Piper of everything that goes buzz. We offer:

Honeybee wrangling
Wasp & Hornet wrangling

Honeybee Wrangling
Wasp & Hornet Wrangling
Bee Beard Demonstrations

Beekeeping and Honey Extraction

Industries Served

We provide our services to a number of different industries We provide bee wrangling services to a number of different industries and events that require expertise and experience, including:

Film Industry – including Movies, TV, Commercials, Video Games
Science Centers
Exhibitions & Fairs
Special Events – including farmers markets, hotels, industry association functions and more

Site Locations

The only limit to our locations served is you! We work across British Columbia, but our bee wranglers (and our bees!) are available internationally.

Our Resume

We’re THE BEE EXPERTS. You know that or you wouldn’t be here! We’ve been providing wrangling and rental services to the film industry since 2002, and have only grown since then.

Highly Experienced Wranglers
Custom Bee and Wasp Handling Equipment
Professional & Service-Oriented


Interested in seeing our work? We have an extensive portfolio, complete with film, TV, advertising, demonstrations, special events, and more! Contact our team to have a look.

Fringe – Season 4 episode. Bee Wrangling

  • Bell jar full of bees
  • Bee held in forceps

Arizona Science Center – Bee Wrangling

  • Bee Beard demonstrations

The Wicker Man – Motion Picture. Bee Wrangling.

  • Placed 80,000 honeybees on a semi-nude female actor in a room
  • Placed live honeybees on a giant skep
  • Placed drone bees on Nicolas Cage
  • Supplied beekeeping equipment, candles, and bulk beeswax.

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