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Services Services so awesome you’ll give us a hive-five

We know everything about bees. (Okay, almost everything. We’re always learning!) Our passion for pollinators makes us the go-to for everything bee-related—from nest removal and courses to bee wrangling and rentals.

Pollination Services

Did you know you can rent bees? Yes, you read that right. We rent our honeybees out to local farmers looking to pollinate their fruit crops for an entire bloom cycle.

Colony rental + professional installation
50% larger yield from using honeybees
Competitive rates

Wasp & Bee Nest Removal

Sometimes our industrious friends build their nests in the most inconvenient of places—like inside your home! Wherever they are, you can call on our beekeepers to remove unwanted wasp and bee nests.

Environmentally friendly methods
Leaves little to no damage to surrounding areas
Years of experience

Courses & Workshops

Want to keep your own colony? Our beekeeping courses will teach you everything you need to know to care for your own hive. We also run beeswax workshops to teach you how to use different hive byproducts to replace products you use every day.

Courses and workshops run year round
Expert teachers
Competitive rates

Bee Wrangling & Rentals

Our bee wranglers are highly experienced and up for any challenge! Anything you need bees for—commercials, shows, and more—they can handle. Honeybee Centre also rents out beekeeping equipment for do-it-yourselfers.

Experienced wranglers
Safety-first attitude
Beekeeping equipment rentals

Community Bee Gardens

Each year, we aim to create two new community bee gardens to support the honeybees in our backyard! With this initiative, we’re encouraging community interest and support through education and bee-tiful gardens.

All the honey collected is donated to the SUrrey Food Bank
Signage is displayed to educate people on how the public can support bees
Collaboration with hosts to share knowledge

any special requests, let’s chat about what we can do