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Our products Natural ingredients Locally Produced

When you shop at Honeybee Centre, there’s a bee in natural! We produce pure, honeybee products including a number of specialty honeys, pollen, nutritional supplements, natural soaps, and beeswax candles. 

Pure Honey Products

You can’t get honey more pure than straight from the hive! Our products are created directly from our beekeeping operations, and with a little magic, are turned into specialty items for you to enjoy. No preservatives, no additives, just pure delicious honey packaged at our facility and stamped with our approval. 

There are so many amazing producers across the Lower Mainland which is why we also sell unique items from suppliers who share our commitment to quality. 

Honey Production

The Honey Harvest

Honeybee Centre bees pollinate a variety of fruit crops for local growers! Our beekeepers expertly install honeybee colonies into fields near the beginning of the bloom cycle and remove the colonies near the end of the bloom. Our honeybees visit thousands of blossoms collecting nectar and pollen to provide food for the colony, which serves the crop by pollinating the plants.

Bees use the nectar collected from the blossoms to make delicious honey. Did you know if the nectar used to make the honey is from a single type of blossom, it is known as mono-floral honey? An example of this is blueberry blossom honey, which is made with the nectar from blueberry blossoms. Honey made from the  nectar collected from a variety of plants throughout the season is typically referred to as wildflower honey. Each variety of honey has its own unique colour, flavour, and aroma.

When the honeybee colonies are removed from fields after the bloom cycle, surplus honey is removed from the colony and is ready for extraction as mono-floral honey. Since Honeybee Centre is a major pollinator of fruit crops, we produce a number of mono-floral specialty honeys including:

Honeybee Centre also produces honey from the Peace River area of northern British Columbia and Alberta, which is world famous for its prolific production of clover and alfalfa honey. The abundance of food for honeybees in this area serves to strengthen the honeybee colonies for the upcoming winter season.

CFIA Approved – Honey Extraction and Bottling

Honeybee Centre operates its own Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) approved Honey Producer – Packer facility (CFIA #2792). Honey collected from our colonies is extracted from the honeycomb frames using our automated extraction line. During this process the honeycomb is uncapped and honey is removed from the comb using a centrifuge. The honey is then pumped into settling tanks where most wax particles float to the top, leaving what is termed as “raw” honey. At this point in the process, we pour some of the raw honey directly from the settling tanks into containers for our customers who desire “raw” honey.

Raw honey contains all of the goodness that honey can offer, plus little bits of wax and the occasional bee part. Since most people want honey with no visible particles, we filter the majority of our honey. This is done by warming the honey to the same temperature as the inside of a honeybee colony on a hot day, and pumping it through a 50 micron filter. This meets the “Canada #1” honey grade, while retaining the nutritional benefits by leaving the majority of the pollen in the honey. 

Honeybee Centre produces only unpasteurized honey!!!

The pasteurization process for honey is used to maximize the time that a jar of honey will remain free of visible crystallization, increasing shelf appeal. The downside to pasteurization is that much of the nutritional value of honey is destroyed by high temperatures, or removed by super fine filtering. For more information see About Honey.

Creamed Honey

Creamed honey is made from pure liquid honey through a controlled crystallization process to produce very fine uniform crystals  This results in a thick, creamy smooth honey. Creamed honey has nothing added and has the same nutritional value as its liquid counterpart. Honeybee Centre has specially designed equipment, plus the experience and expertise, to produce consistent batches of high-quality creamed honey for our customers.

Take a look at our pure honey products.

Infused Honey Spreads

Our infused honey spreads are a delicious combination of clover honey infused with fresh berries, herbs, or nuts. We started creating infused honeys because of the demand from our loyal customers—if you want it, we can make it! Our most popular infusion is our Cinnamon in Honey.

To stay true to our commitment of providing healthy natural products based on honey and honeybee products, we only use completely natural ingredients and locally produced whenever possible. We purchase locally grown blueberries, raspberries and cranberries, and organic cinnamon from Indonesia to infuse our spreads. All of our products are produced in our facilities with a large commercial mixer and a lot of taste testing (it’s not a bad gig!). To see our latest creations, browse our infused honey spreads.  

Health and Nutrition Products

The honeybee hive is known as Nature’s Medicine Cabinet because of the health and healing properties the major honeybee produced substances. Pollen is known as a natural multivitamin and a great source of all of the essential amino acids. Propolis is known for its antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties, and is used to boost the immune system. Royal Jelly is used to treat a number of ailments, and to support the immune system and stimulate mental clarity. Pretty amazing don’t you think?

Apitherapy is the use of honeybee produced substances for health and healing. Traditionally, a combination of honey, pollen, propolis, and royal jelly are taken as a natural broad spectrum nutritional supplement to support the immune system and promote good health.  See About Apitherapy to learn more!

Honeybee Centre collects its own pollen and augments it with pollen produced by other beekeepers in British Columbia and Alberta. We also produce a number of blends of honey, pollen, propolis and royal jelly in our own CFIA approved facilities. Take a look at our health and nutrition products.

Beeswax Candles and Wax

Pure beeswax is used for producing clean burning candles, skin creams, soaps, and lip balms, and has a host of other uses (see About Beeswax and Candles to learn more). 

We produce our own beeswax and augment it with beeswax produced by other beekeepers in British Columbia and Alberta. At our facility, we use this pure beeswax to produce beautiful beeswax candles, natural soap, and lip balm, as well as traditional hand-dipped tapered candles and an array of poured beeswax candles using high quality molds. Did you know we have a line of “Health” candles created by Artist Goran Miskovic? Goran graduated from the Emily Carr institute in the mid 1980’s and has specialized in casting using virtually any medium available from hydrostone to bronze. You don’t want to miss our beeswax candles.  

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