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Honeybee Centre is a commercial honey farm, country store, CFIA registered honey packing facility, and visitor attraction, located in the agricultural centre of Surrey, British Columbia.

Honeybee Centre Today 

Beekeeping Operations

Honeybee Centre's beekeeping operations are focused on pollination of fruit crops, and the production of several varieties of specialty honeys. Our beekeeping operations are based out of our facility in Surrey, BC, where we pollinate crops including blueberries, raspberries and cranberries for local growers.  We are able to produce a number of specialty "mono-floral" honeys as a result of our pollination business.  For example, when pollinating blueberry plants, the bees collect nectar from blueberry blossoms and make "blueberry blossom honey".  We have grown to be the largest pollinator of blueberries in Western Canada.  Our beekeepers also provides wasp & bees nest removal services for homes and businesses in the lower mainland of British Columbia.   Learn more.

Country Store

Honeybee Centre operates a Country Store where we offer a wide variety of premium quality natural specialty honeys, and a wide array of natural honeybee products that promote health & wellness. You can even sample any of the delicious varieties of our locally harvested mono-floral honeys, or from our selection of premium honeys imported from around the world.  Your shopping experience is enhanced with the attractions in the Visitor Centre, and tasty treats from the Tea Hive Cafe.  We also offer our customers the convenience of shopping on-line for many of our products.  Learn more.

Visitor & Learning Centre

An important part of our mission is to bring the fascinating world of the honeybee to the general public. We OFFER school field trips, group PRESENTATIONS, CUSTOMIZED PROGRAMS and birthday parties.  If you are looking for a more tranquil experience, enjoy a delicious beverage or snack at Fry's Corner Beestro.  Learn more.

Our Natural Products

Through our beekeeping operations, we produce a number of local specialty honeys, bee pollen, and beeswax.   We augment our own production with specialty items from suppliers that are well-known to us and that have the same strong commitment to quality.  Honeybee Centre operates its own CFIA registered Honey Packing facility where we produce and bottle specialty honeys, pollen, infused honey spreads, and nutritional supplements.  We also produce an array of beautiful and clean burning pure beeswax candles at our Surrey facilities.  Learn more.

Festivals and Events

We like to have a little fun when introducing the amazing honeybee to the general public. So we host our annual Honeybee Festival that features free entertainment and fun, including live "bee beard" and beekeeping demonstrations, kid's crafts and activities, musical entertainment, interesting exhibits, fresh local produce, and the wares of local artisans.  You can sample up to 20 varieties of honey, watch honey being extracted, and even taste freshly extracted honey!  We also take our "show on the road" and participate in a number of community activities, including operating the honeybee exhibit at the PNE, and providing natural honey products at the Vancouver Christmas Market. 

See our Events Calendar for a listing of events.

Film Industry

Since 2001, Honeybee Centre has been renting bee equipment, consulting on bees, and ‘wrangling’ honeybees, wasps, and bumblebees for the film industry in North America. We did our first "bee wrangling" of honeybees on actors' faces and shoulders in 2003 for a Coast Capital Savings TV commercial.  Since then, we have completed dozens of projects including TV episodes for Supernatural and Fringe, and the movie The Wicker Man, starring Nicolas Cage.  Learn more.

Social Initiatives

Honeybee Centre supports the Rotary Club and is proud to contribute to both international and local charity fund raisers as part of our festival activities. We also support local community outreach events where we provide exhibits and presentations to educate the public about honeybees and their importance to agriculture and the environment.

In 2009, John Gibeau, President of Honeybee Centre, co-founded the Bee World Project, a not-for-profit organization whose mandate it is to assist people from poorer regions of the world to improve their quality of life through beekeeping.  Learn more.

Our Staff

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff (even the beekeepers are friendly!) are always there to help you, whether its more information on why bee products are so good for you, or why honeybees are still in danger. 

We would also like to thank all of the "friends of Honeybee Centre" for their support, and particularly for volunteering at our festivals, which help make them (dare I say) festive for all of our visitors!

Our Commitment to You

At Honeybee Centre, we are committed to providing top notch friendly service, great value, and high quality products. We are open daily to ensure we are ready when you need us. We value your feedback and strive for excellence in our chosen endeavors.

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