Inspire, Educate, and Connect our Community

Honeybee Centre is injecting green spaces and pollinators into our community and providing education about honeybees, native pollinators, and about ways you can support bees from your own backyard. Our goal is to build 2 new community bee gardens each year.

The Gardens:

The standard garden footprint is 10' x 10' and contain plants that support honeybee and native bee populations. Each garden will contain nesting materials or homes for a variety of bee species: Honeybees, mason bees, miner bees, and bumble bees.


Honeybee Centre will provide an education day at the community bee garden throughout the season with an open invitation to the public to come learn about beekeeping and pollination. We will display signage on the gardens to provide information about pollinators, beekeeping, and how the public can support bees in their own backyards. Additionally, we strive to work with the hosts to provide information unique to their mandate; it could be education on heirloom plant varieties, on edible plants, or beneficial weeds. Our goal is to collaborate with each host to share their knowledge through the gardens. 

Giving Back:

Honey collected from the Community Bee Gardens will be bottled and donated to the Surrey Food Bank

2020 Community Bee Garden Hosts:

Historic Stewart Farm  -13723 Crescent Road

PLOT Sustainable Food Garden  -13742 71 Ave

Cedargrove Community Garden - 10222 141 St

Ocean Park Community Orchard - 12815 22 Ave

Darts Hill Garden Park - 1633 170 St

Clayton Off-Leash Dog Park & Community Garden - 7011 188 St

Chuck Bailey Rec Centre - 13459 107A St

Fraser Valley Heritage Railway - 17630 56 Ave

Queen Elizabeth Meadow Community Garden - 9400 134 St

Cloverdale United Church - 17575 58A Ave
In partnership with Rotary of Cloverdale

Beekeeping Demonstrations:
Our bee experts will be giving presentations at each of our Community Bee Garden locations in the coming months.  To find out where and when they will be taking place, visit our events calendar here

How to get involved:

There are a number of ways to get involved in the Community Bee Gardens. Check out the options below to find out how you can help.

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Garden Site Hosts

Would you like to be the host of one of the community gardens?  Here’s a few things that Honeybee Centre will consider as a potential site host! Even if you do not meet all of the criteria, we still encourage you to reach out. The most important aspect of a host site are that the space is public-friendly and that the host is engaged, enthusiastic, and takes pride in the garden on their site.

1. Support from the host
            a. Public engagement – how will the host help promote and educate the public about the different components of the garden?
            b. Light maintenance – can the host do some light maintenance (some weeding, watering, remove any garbage around, etc) on a regular basis to keep the space looking groomed?
            c. Optional: Beekeeping Assistance – Does the host have a beekeeper or an individual willing to do some training to help manage the colonies or report to our experienced beekeeping team?

2. Location
            a. Accessibility to the public: We want everyone to enjoy the garden who wants to.
            b. Accessibility after hours/at night for moving colonies/equipment
            c. Visibility from public areas - We want the public to see the garden even if they weren’t looking for it!

3. Logistics
            a. Is there access to water?
b. Is there storage space for beekeeping and gardening equipment?

If you or your organization would like to host one of the gardens apply here.

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