Bee Wrangling & Rentals

Looking for Actors with a Sting ?

From beeswax candles, to beekeeping equipment rentals, to wrangling bees and wasps . . . we do it all.

Our highly experienced wranglers, with our custom bee handling equipment, can produce shots that used to be reserved for CGI !


We provide a range of wrangling services for your film project or special event including:

  • Honeybee wrangling
  • Wasp & Hornet wrangling
  • Bee beard demonstrations
  • Beekeeping and honey extraction demonstrations

Industries Served

We provide our services to a number of different industries that require our experience and wrangling expertise, including:

  • Film Industry -  including Movies, TV, Commercials, Video Games
  • Science Centers
  • Exhibitions & Fairs
  • Special Events - including farmer's markets, hotels, industry association functions

Site Locations

  • British Columbia
  • Available at international locations

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Our Resume

Honeybee Centre has been providing wrangling and rental services to the film industry since 2002

  • Highly experienced wranglers
  • Custom bee and wasp handling equipment
  • Professional & service oriented


Our portfolio consists of over 20 film, TV, and advertising wrangling assignments, and numerous bee beard and beekeeping demonstrations at special events:

  • Fringe

Season 4 episode.  Bee Wrangling:

  • Bell jar full of bees
  • Bee held in forceps
  • Arizona Science Center

Bee Wrangling:

  • Bee Beard demonstrations
  • The Wicker Man

Motion Picture.  Bee Wrangling:

  • Placed 80,000 honeybees on a semi-nude female actor in a room
  • Placed live honeybees on a giant skep
  • Placed drone bees on Nicolas Cage

Supplied beekeeping equipment, candles, and bulk beeswax.


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