Bee World Project


How beekeeping is bringing hope and opportunity to farmers in developing countries. 

Bee World Project is a locally based non-profit organization that is working to improve the livelihoods of the world’s poorest populations.

Stephanie from BWP in Uganda 

The organization does so by introducing beekeeping on a village-wide scale, over an extended period of time, in order to help members of a community enhance a region’s economy. In its most basic terms, the “Bee World Team” supplies experienced beekeeping teachers, honeybee livestock, equipment, and on-going expertise to those in rural villages that may have little or no means of generating an income.

  • Bee World Project is currently looking for Beekeeping Instructors.  Learn more.

What really makes this organization unique . .

. .  is how it brings people together and infuses laughter into a serious and delicate subject matter.

Bee World Project founders, John & Shlomo 

This is largely due to the people who have founded the organization: Shlomo a ‘Compassionate Clown Doctor’ and Bee Master John (President of the Honeybee Centre). Shlomo brings his love of life and people to each project, often wearing his red squeaky nose and colorful clothes - all to the amazement and joy of the villagers. As a Bee World Project Coordinator, John provides the technical expertise required to start and maintain a honeybee operation at a village, regional, or national level. Both have dedicated considerable time, resources and knowledge towards building an organization that will have lasting impact for many individuals around the world.



Bee World Project Has Two Purposes

There are currently 7 Bee World Projects operating in 4 countries around the world. The goals are two-fold. First, to increase the number of beekeepers and beekeeping projects in order to create a beekeeping economy that will give thousands of people a chance to improve their livelihoods; and secondly, to continue doing good things for the only insect in the world that makes food for humans. And doesn’t the world desperately need both. 

Honeybee Centre Involvement

Everyone at Honeybee Centre is excited about Bee World Project as the company’s way of helping our planets poorest people!

Following are photos of some of the Bee World Project initiatives that Honeybee Centre employees have visited recently:


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