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Hands On Makes Learning Fun!

The Bees and Bugs Lab is pleased to present weekend workshops for kids.  These highly experiential workshops get kids involved and makes learning fun!  Programs are best suited for kids ages 6-12, but feel free to bring your younger and older kids along too.


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We Offer a Number of Fascinating Workshops

  • Arachnids

What has 40 legs and lives at Honeybee Centre? Our 5 wonderful tarantulas! Learn about what makes arachnids different from other invertebrates, study the molted body parts of our tarantulas, and discover how tarantulas around the world adapt to their environment! Workshop includes a craft.

  • None of Your Beeswax

Honeybees are the amazing little insect that produces the beeswax that’s used in so many of our products at home, including those honey scented pure beeswax candles
we burn. Learn about how honeybees make beeswax and the other things that we get out of the hive. Also learn about the cool stuff that other insects produce in nature that we’ve made into products we use. Workshop includes craft.

  • Beekeeper Experience

Beekeepers work year "round to keep their honeybees healthy and strong. However, July is a busy month as the temperature rises and flowers are in full bloom! Learn all about honeybees: life cycle, queen bees, honey production, beeswax, beekeeping, and much more. Play games that mimic the honeybee colony and perhaps you'll learn a few bee dance moves too!  Workshop includes honey extraction.

  • Bees, Wasps & Other Pollinators

Did you know that wind is a pollinator? All the bees, wasps and other pollinators are busy working away in the environment pollinating all of our flowers to ensure we’ve got lots of fruit to eat. The amazing cycle of pollination is explored in this workshop along with animals you didn’t even know were pollinators!  Workshop includes craft:

  • Mason Bees

Mason bees are amazing early season pollinators. They are great for backyard fruit trees and flowers and can be kept as little insect pets! Learn about the mason bee life cycle, other pollinators, and how pollination works.  Workshop includes a craft:

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All programs require registration two weeks prior to workshop.  Space is limited to 10 children plus parents.  Workshops range in price from about $15 to $30 per child, depending on the particular workshop.  Adults that attend the workshops are required to pay only the public tour admission (typically $5 per person).  Children must be accompanied by an adult.  Cancellations and refunds made up to 2 weeks prior to workshop.


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