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The Amazing World of the Honeybee

One of our primary goals at Honeybee Centre is to bring the amazing world of the honeybee to the general public.  To that end, we have a very active program to teach people about the honeybee, in both a fun and interesting way.  In particular, we want people to know that:

  • Honeybees are normally gentle and are not to be feared
  • People have been beekeeping for thousands of years
  • Honeybees have a fascinating social structure
  • Honeybees produce a number of very healthy products
  • Honeybee products are used for nutrition, body care, wound care, and treating a number of chronic illnesses
  • Honeybee pollination of plants is of huge importance to agriculture and the foods we eat

How We Started

It started with our customers asking all sorts of honeybee related questions of our staff, and being fascinated by what they learned.  We soon added a glass observation hive in the store so that our customers could actually watch a working colony in action.  This stimulated even more questions and peaked the interest of some of our customers that were teachers and wanting to bring in their students. From there we developed a program to facilitate school field trips, which was later adapted to other youth groups and birthday parties.

Teaching Facilities

When we designed and built our new facilities in 2005, we included a large glass observation honeybee hive, a presentation room with glass observation windows to observe the honey packing process, an outdoor bee demonstration yard, and a classroom.  

Presentation Programs

We have a number of specialized presentation programs that have been developed for different audiences. These include school field trips from preschool to high school, youth groups such as cubs and brownies, seniors groups, birthday parties, and bus tour groups.


A number of our customers were so interested in honeybees and beekeeping that they wanted to learn to keep bees. We developed a comprehensive introductory beekeeping course and added a number of seminars and advanced courses.  

We also offer Product of the Hive workshops & make and take courses. Check the events calendar regularly for new offerings. 


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