Bee School at Honeybee Centre

Private programs NOW available!

At Honeybee Centre we never stop learning and growing and so why should 2020 be any different?

We are pivoting to ensure your safety while we all continue to learn together. Our programs are now available for private bookings, all ages, in small groups. You can choose from any (or all) of the topics below. Please note some topics are seasonal.

Explore the amazing world of the Honeybee! Each workshop introduces you to a honeybee topic and helps children explore it. You will enjoy demonstrations, group explorations, hands on activities and take home projects.

Program Objectives:

To introduce the amazing world of the honeybees through hands on activities and explorations.

To showcase the relationship between humans and honeybees.

To feature the honeybee as an integral species in our food web.

To explore the honeybee and other pollinators as a keystone species in Earth's ecosystem.

Basic Bees - Available all year

30 minutes - $60+tax (up to ten guests – recommended for toddlers or adult groups) Additional guests - $5

60 minutes - $80+tax (up to ten guests – recommended for school aged children) Additional guests - $8

Honeybee Centre has offered fun, exciting and interactive presentations for over 15 years! We are a staple in the community and we continue to grow and expand to offer new and fresh programming for all ages!

Join us in our classroom for our Basic Bee education program which includes education about bees, beekeeping, pollination & environmental stewardship, interactive activities to accompany each lesson, and a take-home, bee-friendly, wildflower seedling craft included with our 60 minute session.

*Add on beeswax candle rolling for $3.50 per candle.

Bee and Wasp Homes - Recommended for March - 1.5 hours

$25+tax per mason bee house (based on a minimum of 4 mason bee homes)

Wasps, hornets, and bees all have a lot in common, but there are plenty of ways to tell the difference between them. Today, we take an up-close look at their homes to identify the similarities and differences. Build a mason bee home to take home with you.

Mason bee cocoons are available in early spring for purchase in the store.

Bees and Blooms - Recommended for spring - 1 hour

$15+tax per child (based on a minimum of 6 children)

Learn all about the relationship between bees and flowers. Explore nectar and pollen with games & science experiments. Plant a small bee friendly herb or flower pot (based on availability) to take home with you!

Beeswax Candle Making - Available all year - 1-1.5 hours

$20+tax per person (based on a minimum of 5 people)

What exactly is beeswax? Where does it come from, how do we harvest it and what can we use it for? Come learn a few fascinating facts about beeswax then roll and pour beeswax candles.

Beeswax Wraps - Available all year - 1 hour

$25+tax per person (based on a minimum of 5 people)

What exactly is beeswax? Where does it come from, how do we harvest it and how can it help us save our environment? Come learn a few fascinating facts about beeswax then make 3 different sized wax wraps to take home for food storage.

Junior Beekeeper - Available May to June (weather dependent) - 1 hour

Base rate is $120+tax (up to 8 guests)

$20+tax each additional guest

Following a short bee lesson, we will get suited up and open up a working bee hive! Children will dress like a beekeeper and participate in a hive opening and inspection.

*This program is per person, not per child.

Honey Extraction - Sold out until Spring 2021 - 1-1.5 hours

$250+tax for two frames of honey and 10 x 250gram jars with lids
$150+ tax for an additional 2 frames.

Learn about how honey is made, where honey comes from and how we get it out of the honeycomb! Watch an extraction demo, taste honey straight from the frame and pour your own jars to take home!

To book a private session, contact Cassie at Honeybee Centre 604-575-2337 or email Cassie at:

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