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Pure Honey

At Honeybee Centre we produce our own natural honey from a variety of floral nectar sources in British Columbia. All of the honey we sell is pure, natural and unpasteurized. We also offer specialty honey varieties from nectar sources not available in our area, from beekeepers that are well-known to us and that have the same strong commitment to quality.
  • Creamed Raspberry Blossom Honey

    Creamed Raspberry Blossom Honey - 500 g
    Creamed Raspberry Blossom Honey - 500 g
    Price: $11.99 CAD
    Sale: $11.99 CAD

    We have creamed our raspberry blossom to make it a great spreadable honey, with a unique fruity taste.

    This honey is excellent in herbal tea or drizzled over your favourite dessert.

    Collected in the raspberry fields of the Fraser Valley

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