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Infused Honey Spreads

Our infused honey spreads are a delicious combination of clover honey infused with fresh berries, herbs, or nuts. These natural products provide an interesting balance of flavours to tantalize your taste buds.
  • Cranberries Infused in Honey

    Cranberries Infused in Honey - 500 g
    Cranberries Infused in Honey - 500 gCranberries Infused in Honey - 500 g
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    Sale: $9.79 CAD

    Cranberries in clover honey is an infusion of two contrasting flavours. We provide our bees to cranberry growers for the purpose of pollination each year during the month of July, thus this appealing blend is a great addition to our honey family.

    It has an intense cranberry flavour and is lovely in a sauce, marinade, or barbeque recipe.  It is also wonderful on a hot buttered scone.

    Ingredients:  Honey, cranberries, cranberry concentrate

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