Bee Wrangling & Rentals Portfolio

Since 2001, Honeybee Centre has been renting bee equipment, consulting on bees, and ‘wrangling’ honeybees, wasps, and bumblebees for the film industry in North America. Our portfolio includes a wide array of projects from feature length films, to commercials and live special events as shown below. 



The Wicker Man

2005 Motion Picture

Supplied Bee Wrangling services, beekeeping equipment, candles, and bulk beeswax.

Exorcism of Emily Rose

2005 Motion Picture

Supplied Bee Wrangling services.

Killer Bees

2002 Motion Picture

Supply and rental of beekeeping equipment.



Glutton for Punishment

2007 TV - The Food Network

Hands-on instruction for Bob Blumer on all aspects of beekeeping.




Special Events


Print Media

BC Hydro Print Ad

wrangling, bee beard on inanimate objects



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