Apitherapy Conference 2013

Learn About Apitherapy from International Experts

Comfort Inn and Suites, Surrey, BC, Canada
October 12, 2013

This unique Apitherapy Conference features world-class apitherapy experts who will share their knowledge and experience in honeybee related therapies.

Apitherapy is the practice of using honeybee products to treat human and animal maladies, such as:

  • Bee Sting Therapy  to treat auto-immune illnesses
  • Natural Honey  to treat wounds and to prevent infection
  • Bee Pollen  to treat allergies
  • Bee Pollen and  Royal Jelly  as dietary supplements
  • Propolis  to treat head colds and influenza
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Who Should Attend This Event

  • Health Professionals who are interested in learning more about apitherapy
  • Beekeepers who wish to provide products and services to the apitherapy industry
  • Persons Interested in Treatments with honeybee products



Note that the conference has three customized streams, each tailored to the specific audience. Ensure to select the appropriate conference stream, Health Professionals, Beekeepers, or Persons Interested in Treatments

 Registration Fee: 

$125 + GST     EARLY REGISTRATION  (until September 30th)

$145 + GST     (after September 30th)

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Keynote Speakers

Three world-class Apitherapy experts will share their knowledge and experience in honeybee related therapies.

  Dr. Stefan Stangaciu (Romania) - Owner of a medical oriented apiary with 25 beehives and Lecturer on medicinal beekeeping in Romania and other countries (Malaysia, Germany, France).  Dr. Stefan Stangaciu practiced in areas of preventive medicine and natural therapies with emphasis on the use of bee products (i.e. honey, propolis, bee venom, royal jelly, bee pollen, bee bread, apilarnil, etc.).  Has conducted clinical studies on Apitherapy, Acupuncture and Acupressure applied for the diseases of different patients
  Frederique Keller (USA) - Holds a Masters of Science degree in Oriental Medicine, a license in Acupuncture, and is the President of the American Apitherapy Society (AAS).  As a licensed acupuncturist and medical herbalist, Frederique has a private practice that also incorporates classical homeopathy and bee venom therapy as well as utilizes honey, pollen, propolis, royal jelly and bee bread where applicable. Frederique also works in a second office specializing in sports and spinal injuries.  Frederique and her husband have been beekeepers for 20 years and thoroughly enjoy the apiculture and apitherapy experiences it provides, and as a member of the American Apitherapy Society since 1985 has never grown weary in the endeavor of sharing knowledge and educating people on the healing energy of honeybees.
  John Gibeau (Canada) - As a highly regarded and accomplished BeeMaster, John is frequently sought after internationally for his expertise in everything Apiary. He speaks on all aspects of the business, including urban beekeeping, Canadian commercial beekeeping, the business of Apitherapy and beekeeping in developing countries. John is a 12th generation farmer and a second generation beekeeper. His love of bees goes back to early beekeeping experiences as a 10 year old boy. In his spare time, he also plays the cello, but not very well.

Conference Details

Date:  October 12, 2013

Location:  Comfort Inn and Suites, Surrey, BC, Canada

Learn more about the conference program and venue.
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